Happy Birthday Madonna – 50 today.

As a long standing Madonna fan, I thought the only decent thing to do would be to wish her many happy returns on reaching the half-century benchmark. A fine fifty years old today, some will stand their ground and say she really ought to learn to grow old gracefully. I however fully back the chameleon, one-woman marketing monster that is Madonna and hope she continues doing what she does best for more than just the foreseeable future.

From controversially cavorting with a black Jesus to hitch hiking naked in Jersey City and famously adopting David Banda…I’ve religiously followed Madonna’s anarchic footsteps from the age of approximately six – or at least since the earliest I was able to pick up a hairbrush and dance. On only one solitary occasion, I remember falling out with the then Mrs Penn at the age of about ten. For what reason, who knows. After about a week of having removed the framed lace effigy (mid performance of ‘Dress You Up’), Madonna was lovingly retrieved from the hall landing and placed with intense apology, back on my bedroom wall. Eighteen years later (and albeit a different, much larger picture), Madonna takes prime place on my living room wall. 

Crow hands and tracksuits in tow, Madonna will continue to grace my stereo, TV (and embarrassingly for some, probably wardrobe) for many years to come. Without a doubt, the following track is not only my all time favourite but also my favourite video, simply because of the opening and the end. What’s yours?



Happy birthday Madonna.