Samin – ‘Heater’ and THAT accordion.

I can’t help but smile as I write this as it reminds me of a time filled with lots of laughs, free drinks and a friendly argument.   

Pounding the treadmill this evening (I wish), a particular music video grabbed my attention with cuts of people dancing crazily in various shapes akin to my own peculiar hand dancing and on what appears to be streets around the world.

I couldn’t hear it as I was religiously, as usual plugged into my iPod stacked full of scary house tracks in the hope of making me run faster. Famously quoted as despising this track and hopelessly attempting to make my friends boycott it, I have to admit; I’ve discovered a new warped love for it. On Googling the crazy dancing when I got home, I discovered it was no less than Samin and Heater and it now reminds me of various friends particularly bizarre dance moves, my jazz hands and the notorious ‘One Dance’*

Check it out for yourself, I guarantee one of three things – a) you’ll hate it b) you’ll love it and be up dancing c) you’ll at least smile!

*To which the owner of said dance, I’ll still protest to ‘hating’ this track ☺