Sun, sand and Salinas – where I’m watching the sun set on my 20s

Last month, a few good friends and I ‘jet-setted’ off to the white isle of Ibiza to wave good-bye to one of our 20s and embrace the 30s with open arms.  A recommendation of the absolutely beautiful restaurant Cap D’es Falco, Las Salinas was partially responsible for my friend having a 30th to indeed, remember. 

It was a bit of a hike off the beaten path to get there and going purely on a recommendation from said valued (but quite new) friend, there was a point when we thought we’d joined a Spanish wild goose chase and wondered if there’d ever been any chance of making our way back to catch our impending flight home. 

Arriving at the restaurant around seven pm in the misleadingly and badly PR’d party capital, Cap D’es Falco’s white canopy’s billowed out across the most tranquil of settings.  Here’s a tip; do what we would have done if we had know the beauty of the location and simply spend the whole day there.  With comfortable double bed sun loungers beckoning (at a little indulgent but affordable 10-15 euros each), it’s very own beach and stunning views – it’s the perfect place to take you from dawn to dusk.  And, at only ten minutes drive from the airport, not only is it the ideal place to bid farewell on a final night, but the perfect setting to watch the most idyllic of sunsets accompanied by jets slowly passing the melting sun.  The photographs by my friend and talented photographer say it all.

So the food?  It simply added to the impressive views and locations and didn’t disappoint.  The fact that by 9pm, the restaurant was full to capacity and turning people away spoke for itself.  Coming in at an affordable forty euros per head for a divine meal accompanied by soothingly soulful tracks, views of a delicately blazing sunset and surrounded by good friends; Salinas is where I will be setting the sun on my very own 20s. 

Cap d’es Falco, Playa d’es Codolar.  Salinas, Ibiza. +34 650 817 987



Photographs courtesy of Laura Perkins.