Sunday Surgery: Radio One enlightens those in the dark to the world of depression


Image thanks to Thirsty 5

Image thanks to Thirsty 5

Winding down on a Sunday evening, I put the radio on last night in time to catch the last hour or so of Radio One’s Sunday Surgery.  No stranger to the show, I’ve often tuned in by chance and been fortunate enough (or something) to listen to everything from teenagers confessions of sexually transmitted diseases to the delicate subject of last nights show; suicide.

Initially, I didn’t realise the topic of this session presented by Aled Haydn Jones of Chris Moyles show fame (standing in for regular host Kelly Osbourne).  Heavily focused on the subject of depression, the show was actually based on an insight into suicide yet additionally, articulately and informatively gave a comprehensive insight into the illness that is depression.  For those of you with family or friends suffering from depression, I strongly suggest you click here to listen to this edition of the Sunday Surgery whilst you can. Although the show is focused on discussing the serious nature of suicide, it also has some very useful information on depression.  Radio One’s producers should be congratulated for devising such and informative show that not only offered help to those sorely in need but for heightening the awareness of this mental illness, so often misunderstood, to friends and family desperate to offer support.  If you know someone that you think may have or has been diagnosed with depression, it’s worth checking out Sunday Surgery’s coherent website to see how you can help.

As a direct result of listening to the show, I’ve signed up to volunteer with the hugely worthy cause Samaritans whom without, millions of people in need would have no-where to turn to when they need it most.   I hope that with depression running in my family and first hand experience, I too can help raise awareness and make understanding depression easier for those who want to help friends and loved ones.

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