Little Comets – One Night In October

I’m not usually a huge fan of indie music simply because it seems there’s just one band after another releasing pretty much the same track.  However, I’m quite taken by Newcastle’s latest export – Little Comets.  

Formerly known as Free Runner, Little Comet’s debut single One Night In October has all the ingredients required to make it tipped for the top.  Catchy chorus?  Check.  Infectious guitar riff?  Check.  Four barely over the age of consent, geek chic ‘musicians’ in anoraks – check.  Bizarre whoops and screams in the intro?  Well something’s got to make them a little bit different.  

Pre-order One Night In October from their website – it’s going to be massive (as are they) and expect to see Little Comets at all of the upcoming festivals this summer.  

Summer.  Remember that?