Screw chocolate. Make February 14th one to remember with My Bloody Valentine – 3D.

Ok, so the plot is guaranteed to be horrific (and i don’t mean scary) but anyone who knows me will testify to how much of an over enthusiastic horror fan i am.  So, it’s that time of year again (well almost) and Valentines day is almost upon us.  Spurn the chocolates, slushy cards and head to the movies to watch My Bloody Valentine in 3D.  I will be.

It’s in cinemas from tomorrow and is a remake from the original 1981 version.   Set in a little US town named none other than Harmony, it’s a classic revenge tale starring an almost fairly decent cast.  Enter Sin City’s lesser known eye candy Jaime King and horror aficionado Kerr Smith who earned his horror stripes in Final Destination.  Fans of TV series Lost will be interested to know that Zack Grobler had a hand in producing this remake.  And, following a slasher trend, it’s the second horror to be released in 3D with Scar 3D previously released in November 2008 (as opposed to this January 09 as i mentioned earlier).

You can watch the trailer on the website which itself is trying very hard to be 3D.  Seems like web 2.0’s not quite there yet.  It’d also appear the web designers who created it have failed to consider that it makes navigating the site a royal pain in the ar*e.  

However, regardless of a really rather crap trailer, missing plot and low budget cast, i have every confidence My Bloody Valentine will have bums on seats purely for the 3D factor.  As a horror devotee, i for one will be celebrating early and treating myself to a bloodbath of a Valentines day this coming weekend.  Slushy stuff can wait ’till next year.