The underestimation of the humble T-shirt & mini

Baggy T's in all shapes and sizes & tight mini's - how did i ever underestimate them?Ransacking my wardrobe for something new and a combo never worn, I went retro on Friday and pulled out an old black mini skirt which I thought had seen better days.

Little did i know when pairing it with my much loved (and probably a bit over worn) super-size wolf T-shirt, that a new uniform would be born.

Having completely underestimated the value of a humble T and basic mini skirt, I’ve not only lived in the surprisingly very now combo (interchanging of course) for almost a week but made it my new staple.  I simply can’t get enough.

The best thing is, any T-shirt goes. If only a had a significant other’s drawer to raid I could combine one of my favourite past times – stealing boyfriend’s tees – with my collection of minis.

Since discovering my new combo, I’ve struck gold once more with the discovery of a stretch denim mini with diagonal zip. Denim? Mini? Zip? Three trends in one; this has got to be good and at a recession-busting £5, I can almost see you go green.

So there you have it, I can’t quite believe i underestimated the power or two timeless basics. Nor can I wait to loot my next suiters T-shirt drawer.

I will never dismiss ransacking the back of a wardrobe again.

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