Trackback #2 – Aim and Coldwater Music

I was thinking it was probably about time I added to Trackback #1 just as ‘Coldwater Music’ by Aim popped up on my shuffle.  Enter Trackback #2.  

It’s a track that reminds me of a couple of years ago.  Not quite as long ago as number one on the list, Unkle’s amazing ‘Lonely Soul’ and oddly enough, both of them hold a memory of two seperate past boyfriends purely by chance (and for very different reasons).  

If you haven’t heard Coldwater Music, what are you waiting for?  It’s a cool little track produced by the Brit behind the Aim collective; Andy Furness.  A bit jazz, a bit funk, electronic and a slathering of hip-hop as its under pinning makes Coldwater Music the stand out track on the 1997 album of the same name.  However, don’t let it fool you into thinking of watching them live.  As great as they’re music is, they’re not particularly an act of ‘interest’ as i found out at their less than memorable gig in, well, i can’t even remember the venue.  A dodgy YouTube video of their performance at Fruitstock ’06 is testament that you’re probably better off sticking to listening to these guys at home.

Minus the disappointing gig, the awesome chill-out track that is Coldwater Music never fails to raise a smile on my face and will remind me for years to come of a night involving a bottle of Sambuca, two awkward dances and a few other reasons i’ll leave purely to your imagination.