The Fashion Office Recommends…Film Soundtracks

After an early morning movie discussion, it quickly became apparent that Sartoriology missed so many amazing films as a child.  So, after a flurry of email recommendations immediately sent her way, we decided to dedicate this week’s The Fashion Office Recommends to film soundtracks.

To name only a mere few, imagine having missed out on Cry Baby, Flight Of The Navigator, Bugsy Malone, The Goonies or The Lost Boys!  A tragedy perhaps but with over forty must-see movies now on her list, I’d imagine she won’t be budging an inch from the TV anytime soon…

Here’s our top soundtrack picks:

A Work In Progress

Sex And The City: The Source featuring Candi Staton – You’ve Got The Love

A girl after my own heart,  New Favourite Thing chooses ‘Do You Dream About Me’ from Mannequin (a completely unintentional Kim Catrall link).

Ellie opts for: West Side Story – America


From the film Top Hat: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – Cheek to cheek


Trainspotting: Underworld – Born Slippy


The Lost Boys: Lost In The Shadows

Last week, the girls chose some stinkers in our cheese themed, Cr*p Songs You Know You Love.  Check them out if you can handle the stench…beware, there’s some rotters!