Music Makes The World Go Round…

More than a bit belated, this edition of Music Makes The World Go Round incorporates some of the best picks i’ve stumbled across over the last two weeks.  By chance, most of them happen to be old house tracks that not only were huge when released, but still sound just as good today.

However, between the weekly Fashion Office Recommends feature on Fridays, impulsive individual track posts such as Vicious Circles, and the exciting new Tinker Tailor And One More Sailor project; This Is Me coming soon (phew!), i’ve decided to retire Music Makes The World Go Round for the moment.  It may well be re-installed in the future as a bi-weekly article so watch this space.  

Don’t fret though, you’ll still be able to stay bang up to date with all the other soldiersailor suggested tracks that come thick and fast, plus don’t miss what the Fashion Office recommends each and every Friday.

This week’s big five:

Chocolate Puma – Always And Forever (Original Mix).  Give it a chance – maybe not the version you’re familiar with but completely worthy of its place in the top five.

We Fell To Earth – Careful What You Wish For

Blue Foundation – End Of  The Day (Silence)

Robbie Riviera – Sex.  Which, (and in no reference to its title) will always remind me of a man who’s crazy partying i’ve witnessed on many an occasion and am unlikely to forget.  

Cut Right Through – Cicada

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