Bimbo Jones Puts The Party Into Lott’s Mama Do

Straying from house and into slightly foreign territory, I’m going to stick my neck out and say I like Pixie Lott’s recent chart stormer Mama Do.  However with what can only be described as eclectic taste, and although not a music snob; it’s got to be UK mixmasters Bimbo Jones’s impressive revamp.

I heard it whilst in a cab recently on what turned out to be an epic journey to my best friend’s 30th. Between all of the bridges in London being shut, gridlocked traffic and on arrival, a non-existent table reservation, I think my friend probably asked herself what her mother would have done in the situation…she promptly got drunk and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Although the music at the super-cool (but don’t bother eating there) restaurant Brickhouse was indeed very good, judging by the desperation to dance experienced by my prosecco infused friends, it didn’t nearly hit the mark. With a couple more recognisable tracks making an appearance and a few more bottles of bubbly, the party was kick-started and dancing on the beds plus swinging from the rafters commenced. By throwing this bass loaded version of Lott’s number one smash into the mix, I think they might have tipped the party over the edge. Which, and for a group of girls from Scotland, is just how we like it.

So despite the teething problems of getting there and hiccups along the way (such as taking four hours to serve a five, mini course dinner), fun was definitely had by all.  Plus, discovering this track made my night all the more enjoyable, and was probably partially responsible for me joining the ‘monkey’s’ clinging to the roof top and dancing the night away.