Learning The Basics

I’ve always shied away from buying plain T-shirts and neutral vests as I saw them as well, boring.  However, each summer I find myself ransacking drawer upon drawer in search of a simple top that’s both cool and stylish yet I always end up empty handed.

So in light of this forever-fruitless task and because the sun is beaming its beautiful rays down for the first time in what seems like an eternity, I’m going back to basics and stocking up on the essential pieces that are sure to form the basis of my summer wardrobe.

For too long I have overlooked the power of these key staples – do yourself a favour and don’t make the same mistake. Look out for good quality fabrics, pay a little more and these versatile items will not only have you looking chic for seasons to come, but will have you (like me) wondering why on earth you didn’t invest in them earlier.

The first investment and only £10 from Oasis.


Number two - Topshop cashmere mix £20.


And finally number three. Topshop, cashmere mix £20.