A crafty lady named Messy Jesse

In the Eco Office, it would seem we’re a bit of a creative bunch. Between us, we have photographers, writers, bloggers, musicians and even a gymnast! The most common pastime, however, would appear to be that good old fashioned skill – sewing.

One of our in-house seamstresses is Messy Jesse, a lovely bubbly little lady who’s addicted to vintage-inspired prints and fabrics. She devotes a good part of her spare time (and a whole room in her house) to her beloved hobby, where she makes everything from purses and knitting needle organisers to the adorable chick print purse below which she’s just given me as the sweetest little gift.

Possibly the impromptu generosity was inspired after I had given Miss Jessie a heap of brand new printed fabric, which had been sitting waiting in my house for such a long time, desperate for a use. Needless to say Jessie was overjoyed at the bundle of patterns bestowed upon her, and has already made some delightful little coasters which you can buy in her Etsy shop, along with some other great ideas that are perfect for getting a head start on your Christmas shopping.

For those of you not quite on the hunt for gifts just quite yet, but still with a craving for crafts, you can check out little miss Jessie’s pretty and ultra-practical tip-filled blog here.

messy jesse


Cozy Crochet Hook Organizer, Citrus Orange Polka Dot

messy jesse purse

Reversible Quilted Fabric Coasters, Navy Floral/Checkered -- Set of 4

Cozy Crochet Hook Organizer, Pink Floral Bloom