All change for tschüss

IMG_2107Not only has it been rather quiet here at TTSS, but it’s also been tumbleweed central on the tschüss front too. This hasn’t been without intention though.

Tschüss clothing is currently undergoing a makeover, with fresh designs and and a new direction coming in the new year. And while the clothing is being reimagined, we’re excited to introduce a new, hand-picked collection of found silver jewellery.

Every piece is unique and takes its inspiration from the long lost British tradition of finding a six pence in a Christmas pudding – and the inherent luck this brings.

In these early, yet exciting days for tschüss silver, we launch with a limited edition of six sterling silver pieces; now available to buy from our Etsy shop.

There’s lots ahead for tschüss – in both jewellery and clothing terms. For now, we hope you love these special silver pieces as much as we do.