#24DaysofKindness: Day 8

I had a shitty morning yesterday. It was all the fault of the train gods. (Seriously #southernfail? How hard is it to get trains right? HOW HARD?). It’s safe to say everything that could have went wrong, did. And also a case of, ‘the less said the better’. Get this though: what happened next turned it all around. And that part had ZERO to do with incompetent transport operators.

So what happened?

  • A message of gratitude from my big boss.
  • A guiltless, GIANT almond croissant from Real Patisserie. Bought when I admitted defeat about getting to London. Instead, choosing to turn heel and head home for coffee and breakfast. Awesome decisions.
  • Unprovoked hellos and positivity from friends far and wide – as far away as Chile.

This all let to one observation. I am really, really happy with my life right now. The stress of the commute and business of my work can’t take away from that. I am happy. Genuinely, happy. And there’s nothing kinder to oneself that noticing that thought – and giving it space to breath.

On a similar note my friend Jameel touched on chain reactions in Day 5’s #DayofKindness.
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