#24DaysofKindness: Day 24. (And lessons learned).

Woah. 24days are done as of today. That was FAST.

There have been many moments when I’ve questioned why I’ve been doing #24DaysofKindness. At times it’s felt self-congratulatory. And blogging about some subjects has made me feel uncomfortable with the whole premise of this project.

The biggest learn by far is that this is not a project. 24 days of kindness isn’t good enough. I, we, should be more kind everyday – it takes little effort.

You needn’t adopt grand gestures…

Hold a door open. Make your work buddy a cuppa. Compliment someone. Smile at a stranger. Say thank you. Give up your train seat.

Also, let someone compliment you. Let them carry your bag. Say yes when someone offers to grab you lunch. Share an after work drink. Don’t rush. Have an early night – and hit that am snooze button one more time.

Do something for others. But don’t forget about you. Kindness starts where you stand. So be gentle on yourself. Being a kinder human will follow.

Merry Christmas, Tinkers x


Check out yesterday’s #DayofKindness. (On my way to the airport yesterday I popped a a couple of pounds in the bucket for Greek Animal Rescue too).