Trackback #1 UNKLE – Lonely Soul

I decided to take to the sofa last Sunday, not leave the house and fill my afternoon with movies.   Danny Boyle’s The Beach was one of them. 

At eight years old, it’s maybe quite an old (very good) film but its soundtrack still packs a punch with tracks such as  Mory Kante’s Yeke Yeke and William Orbits No. 1 hit Pure Shores by girl band All Saints…remember them?  Hold out for the titles and you’ll get to hear the best track by far: Lonely Soul by UNKLE.  Released in 1998, it’s equally as old as The Beach but I’d forgotten just how good it is.  It’s also prompted me to start what I’ve entitled ‘Trackback’ (a music related flashback) and to have nothing but UNKLE’s amazing album Psyence Fiction on my iPod for the rest of the week.