Plaid Please! – The essential check shirt

Four of my well-loved vintage plaid shirts

Checking out what was in the shops yesterday, i got caught up in a sea of lumberjack shirts.  Clashing Pink and yellow, classic red and blue, cheesecloth or roll up sleeves – which to choose?  Anyone would have thought it was festival season… 

So before i filled up my ever bulging wardrobe,  i paused to do the responsible thing of checking how many i actually already had stashed away.  Good job too.  See above – raiding the wardrobe reaped a huge bounty of not one, but FOUR vintage plaid treasures.  

Between the stores being filled with them and my subconscious squirrel like behaviour, this staple, (just like the humble T-shirt and mini) is yet another you really, should never underestimate.  Make sure it’s big, make sure it’s baggy – just make sure your collection never fails to grow.

Having shared my compulsive hoarding tendencies for the love of a lumberjack shirt (and a lumberjack himself wouldn’t go a miss too), i put it to you – how many prize plaids are you stockpiling?