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This Is Me: Rob Sampson

Rob Sampson; London-based Art Director, future Rock Star and Master of the Shoeniverse. In the first of our This Is Me series, we caught up with the man behind lineageofinfluence to find out… Continue reading

Coming Soon: This Is Me By Tinker Tailor & One More Sailor

My good friend (and rather talented photographer) Laura Perkins and I have been working on our second project under the pseudonym Tinker Tailor And One More Sailor.  Some of you may be familiar with… Continue reading

Sun, sand and Salinas – where I’m watching the sun set on my 20s

Last month, a few good friends and I ‘jet-setted’ off to the white isle of Ibiza to wave good-bye to one of our 20s and embrace the 30s with open arms.  A recommendation… Continue reading