I’m keeping my yoga up over Christmas. Here’s why…

It’s probably, what? Six years? Maybe even 8 (yipes!) since I last practiced yoga. Why I stopped, or at least why I left it so long, I really don’t know. Well, I do.… Continue reading

More tschüss jewellery & festive packaging

Slowly, slowly I’m expanding tschüss’ collection of reclaimed sterling silver. There are a few new pieces now available n the shop and ahead of Christmas, you’ll find fresh, festive packaging – you can… Continue reading

Words worth remembering… forever

Dolly speaks the truth

Truer words never spoken

Happy Friday, tinkers x

Animal masks, creepy crawling dancing… Does it get any better?

I hope this makes you happy – I LOVE it!

It’s Monday, let’s D.I.S.C.O.

Well, why not?

Hump Day earworm

Awesome tune. Very happy to have it wriggling around my lobes. Enjoy!

Your Monday morning pick-me-up

The sun is shining and we’d all rather be in the park. Play this; it’ll help.

Making a stand for Garys

The Independent, The Metro, The Guardian (the list goes on) all recently reported that the UK would soon run out of ‘Garys’. The name has fast become one of the least popular today. Brooklyn-based designer… Continue reading

What hazy, halcyon days sound like


Little Black Book: Workshop Brighton

I’ve walked (and jogged) past this store so many times, though until today I haven’t had the chance to stop in for a look. So glad I did. It’s like London’s Labour and Wait… Continue reading

Shoefingers. It’s a thing.

My dad loves shoes. Like me, and the rest of the population who’d rather eat beans for a month than forgo the thrill of new shoes, he always has. He has a distinctly… Continue reading

The book is ON!

Many, many moons ago I started writing a book. In fact, I probably started contributing to it over two decades ago. And while it’s safe to say that those angst-riddled pages are unlikely… Continue reading

A double dose for the soul

Today means a slow, glitchy, fuzzy return to work for many of us. So long sofa and your unlimited stash of Quality Street chocolate, hello rammed trains and overloaded to-do lists. Get yourself through the day with… Continue reading

Fix your grammar

Internet puppets Fafa The Groundhog, Mario and Johnny T of Glove and Boots break it down.

A beautiful message

“I know a place where no one ever goes. There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose. It’s hidden in a valley, behind a mountain stream. And lying there beside the stream I find that… Continue reading

Happy Black Friday: take 10% off tschüss

Everyone’s a fan of Friday and with 10% off the tschüss item of your choice, and free delivery thrown in for clothing purchases, this one’s kinda special. Happy Black Friday. Let’s shop! Offer… Continue reading

All change for tschüss

Not only has it been rather quiet here at TTSS, but it’s also been tumbleweed central on the tschüss front too. This hasn’t been without intention though. Tschüss clothing is currently undergoing a makeover,… Continue reading