Why I’ve decided to create an Affirmation Wall

This idea came to be a few days ago. Motivational quotes come into our lives for moments. They arrive via social media more often than not. They’re something brands are borrowing to relate with audiences – and it… Continue reading

If you like old skool stuff…

Paul Kalkbrenner just shared the 1st of 3 mash-up mixes – with a few tracks you might recognise. And the story behind why and how he did it is pretty inspiring. Listen or… Continue reading


After stepping through the mysterious portal, a whole new world unfolded. Like Alice in Wonderland, everything was new. Where to look first? What magical, otherworldly things would appear? How to ever get back?… Continue reading

What will Brighton be like in 50 years?

The sun is shining. A new-found feeling of excitement fills the air. Seagulls swoop over the warm waves, stealing chips from people just like they always have. And like nothing’s changed. One glance… Continue reading

Grandad and the stolen smokie (and other silly stories)

  “Uncle Charlie!”. I’d have belted that out had I known what was going on. Arbroath smokies are something else. Or at least I remember them being so – it’s been over 20… Continue reading

Dad’s the coolest, mum’s a goth

See? More about this here, here annnnnd here.

An angst-relieving anthem (or 12)

‘Life events’. Ahhh, man. Sometimes, they’re a real bitch. Thank goodness then, for running. For yoga, meditation… and music. Big, artery pumping MUSIC. Where would we be without it? Especially when superwoman stars like Sia… Continue reading

Current love: Volcanics – Josefine Hellström Hansson

Kinda dark, definitely deep, and very much moody – give it a listen. Image: marcovilla.

I’m keeping my yoga up over Christmas. Here’s why…

It’s probably, what? Six years? Maybe even 8 (yipes!) since I last practiced yoga. Why I stopped, or at least why I left it so long, I really don’t know. Well, I do.… Continue reading

More tschüss jewellery & festive packaging

Slowly, slowly I’m expanding tschüss’ collection of reclaimed sterling silver. There are a few new pieces now available n the shop and ahead of Christmas, you’ll find fresh, festive packaging – you can… Continue reading

Words worth remembering… forever

Dolly speaks the truth

Truer words never spoken

Happy Friday, tinkers x

Animal masks, creepy crawling dancing… Does it get any better?

I hope this makes you happy – I LOVE it!

It’s Monday, let’s D.I.S.C.O.

Well, why not?

Hump Day earworm

Awesome tune. Very happy to have it wriggling around my lobes. Enjoy!

Your Monday morning pick-me-up

The sun is shining and we’d all rather be in the park. Play this; it’ll help.

Making a stand for Garys

The Independent, The Metro, The Guardian (the list goes on) all recently reported that the UK would soon run out of ‘Garys’. The name has fast become one of the least popular today. Brooklyn-based designer… Continue reading

What hazy, halcyon days sound like