ASOS; The New Topshop

Move over Philip Green (and please do take Kate with you) – ASOS is in town and is cleaning up the virtual fashion forefront.

Formerly known as As Seen On Screen, ASOS rose to popularity by doing something similar to Primark but instead of just ripping off every other high street store (and a few couture designers), they specialised in copying the looks, style and garments of every ‘fashion forward’ celebrity from Posh Spice to Colleen McLaughlin. 

In the beginning, the fabrics ASOS’s design team sourced for their ranges matched the z list celerity they wanted us to aspire to dressing like – they were terrible. Cheap and shawdily made, I’ve experienced the substandard quality of an original ASOS garment first hand. But, in the eight years since launching, it would appear that they have upped their game and overhauled more than just their quality. They’re now the UK’s largest online fashion and beauty store and have persistently won several prestigious editorial awards. Applause, please.

After recently redesigning their website and enlisting the franchise of countless (and respected) big brands, ASOS continue to go from strength to strength. Everyone wants to work for them and fickle fashion packers just simply can’t get enough of them. ASOS have successfully become a one-stop online fashion destination. Without the hassle of nasty, sweaty teenagers and hardcore fashionistas in the way, you can swiftly cherry pick everything from the new and improved ASOS own brand (souped-up in terms of quality, design and now includes ASOS Luxe) to premium labels such as Mulberry and upcoming, hot to trot brands such as Love our Stuff and Motel. You’ll also stumble across plenty of other fashion staples such as French Connection and Kurt Geiger. Hot fashion, of the moment accessories and the flavour of the month brands…ASOS just keeps it coming.

Each of my friends has recently uttered the words ‘ASOS’ after having been asked where they got their latest guilty pleasure from. What they might not have been aware of was the excitable squeal of ‘where did you get THAT from?’ is usually followed up with a madcap run back to the office or internet café and a trolley dash to pick up said article. 

It would appear that ASOS have indeed robbed Topshop of its crown and customers (or at least provided some fierce competition). Well done to them for doing it. ASOS has filled the gap in the market that we didn’t even know was there; every girl with an inch of fashion curiosity, from 14 to 40 can find the faux Cartier necklace, Kate Moss inspired tea dress, pea coat, hat or leopard print lingerie that they were looking for on their website – all at an affordable price. And, if it’s pay day and you feel like splashing out – they’ve even managed to rope in a variety of well established premium brands too which incidentally, even Harrods couldn’t do.

One of the greatest things ASOS have continued to excel in is continuing on the path of what they originally set out to do – selling celebrity wardrobe copies. ASOS consistently supply every girl in the UK and US with rip-offs of what their favourite celebs are wearing and they’ve invested time and money on making those rip-offs better and better. 

Most recently, a very good friend who’s a buyer for a successful, similar company informed me of the upcoming launch of ASOS Red Label. Explained to me very vaguely, it sounds as if the fashion rocket that is ASOS is about to better itself once again. From what I understand of my sneak preview, ASOS Red Label will sell designer end of lines, potentially re-marketed and re-branded to incorporate the Red Label – and all at knock down prices. Sounds suspiciously like horror house TK MAXX but I for one, am pretty anxious to see more from the brand that’s knocked Philip Green and the worlds biggest fashion destination Topshop, off the fashion hotspot and got it’s fingers firmly fixed on the fashion pulse.