All about the Rolex

Bizarre that it is, I’ve hopped on the Rolex bandwagon. A bit of a virginal genre to me, I’ve branched out musically and have to admit, that I’m a huge fan of the recent collaborations between Dizee Rascal, Calvin Harris &  grimester Skepta. The aforementioned resulting in some pretty catchy floor fillers and a few wrist blinging dance crazes to rival the Macarena of the 90s.

The dancing foxes (quite literally) with their hip-popping moves and bin raiding skills only serve to make me love this track even more.

Rolex Sweep – Skepta

‘C, c, c, count with me..’ – Clearly poking fun at themselves (and having the fun poked straight back at them) ‘Rolex Sweep’ is another catchy little number that’s not only got my attention but got me practising the four steps to the perfect ‘Sweep’ (potentially more so than the advised dose). Granted; these moments of impromptu dancing were mostly in the office explaining the latest, coolest moves to the rest of cats in the creative team. 

Enlisting Michael Jackson junior (from the lesser known Beatfreakz – complete with his red leather jacket), Soldier Boy and non other than Timmy Mallett; this video really is pretty silly. However, I’m up for a bit of Rolex sweeping in a grimy old pub with bikini clad ladies, geriatrics, the odd dwarf and a couple of glasses of champagne…who’s with me? 

Calvin Harris & Dizee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me

Slightly more budget, the ‘Dance Wiv Me’ video (a hideously catchy track which I have to admit to really loving) really is that – budget. Not quite as slickly directed as Skepta’s ‘Rolex Sweep’, it fails to ensure we get the fact they are being ironic. This video just comes off as being really; pretty naff. Worth a watch at least for more exposure to a brilliant track, Dizee’s cheeky, yet oddly charming grin and Calvin Harris’ questionable haircut. 

Should I really admit to loving a track with such bad grammar?

Just for fun (and a bit of a jolt back to ‘95), check our Los Del Rio for a refresher course in the essential dance steps from those in the know.