Olympic Airways – Foals; How to make your heat skip a four minute & twenty-three second beat.

We’ve been talking in the office about going to see Foals for a while now yet never quite got round to getting tickets as that thing called ‘work’ kept getting in the way. 

I first saw Foals at Radio One’s big weekender this summer and was instantly transfixed by the catchy off beat drumming and lead guitarists ability to play such an intense rhythm quite literally from the pit of his arm.  I think I caught the last twenty minutes of their set, which was incredible and I’ve been meaning to see them again ever since. 

Amidst a very lazy Sunday afternoon, something reminded me about checking out if I’d missed the chance to see them at their upcoming gig at Brixton Academy.  On logging onto www.wearefoals.com, I forgot all about the tickets and knotted myself up in thread.

The culprit; the video to Olympic Airways.



Let me clear something up.  Not only am I huge fan of their music, I have a horrendously bad schoolgirl crush for just about all of the members of the band.  Yes, I’m aware of the fact that front man Yannis Philippakis is really rather short (and maturely blocking it out)…just watch him perform and you’ll be too busy drooling to notice either.  And then there’s guitarist Jimmy Smith 

The fact that they a) have beards and b) are messing around in mud, half naked serves only to fulfill what my friends know will make me a very happy lady.

Brilliant track, great video & talented hot boys.

My Sunday just got a whole lot better.