From the horses mouth; top tips on credit crunch interviewing

I’ve recently been lucky enough to become a victim of the credit crunch and found myself back in the

interviewee’s seat. 


Having had a couple of interviews, it would appear (as expected during economical decline) companies are experiencing a sea of candidates for few roles and are using it to their advantage.  Wouldn’t you? 


Interview processes are getting harder, longer and tougher meaning the process may be more drawn out and essentially, you need to be top of your game.  A recurring pattern seems to be evident from the interviews I’ve had recently – accompanying the usual strength and weakness quizzing is a new breed of climate reflecting questions. 


The credit crunch is prompting interviewers to play safe, asking tougher questions and reduce risk taking.  You may find yourself faced with three or more rounds of interviews, some with up to five interviewers at once.  So, if like me, you are one of the many fish in the sea hungry to snap up a new position, some well prepared answers to the following questions I’ve been asked may just help you to stand out. 


Topping the list of credit crunch questions at interview:


‘How do you think (the company’s name) will prosper in the current climate?’


‘How do you predict business trends?’


‘How do you predict social trends?’


‘Can you give me an example of how you have analysed the success of your work?’


‘How do you instigate profitability?’


Packed full of nuts