Milly Rose; vintage furniture with personality


A good friend of mine has just introduced me to Milly Rose; a brand new company that specialises in adding a contemporary, designer twist to vintage furniture. As a vintage enthusiast, I’m only too happy to discover somewhere new to feed my ever-growing addiction (as is my bank manager).  


Everyone fancies Jeremy

Milly Rose is the brainchild of mother of two; Alison Parmer who scours the UK for well loved vintage furniture and then re-upholsters them in beautiful, statement designer silks, cottons and linens.  Re-upholstered in MissoniHome, Kenzo, ROMO and Harlequin Harris fabrics, Parmer’s range compromises of one-of chaise longue’s and vintage chairs that are packed full of personality.  Each item is lovingly personified with a name; from Susannah, Anushka to Holly and Amarante.  Without a doubt, my eyes are firmly fixed on Jeremy.  A 1950’s wooden chair complete with charmingly aged wood, Jeremy has been brought fashionably up to date with MissoniHome silk and cotton.  With his extrovert colours and years of experience ‘everyone fancies this one’ meaning this bachelor’s unlikely to be on the market for long.


Having only launched in October this year, Milly Rose is still very much a fledgling company.  However, with its niche quirkiness and Finders Seekers service where for a nominal sum Parmer will hunt down iconic pieces of furniture from the past, the brand is set to become a huge success.  And with unquestionably beautiful products, a Milly Rose purchase may not come cheap (prices start from £450) but will guarantee a chic investment for years to come.