(Set your) Heart on Fire with Cut Copy

I’ve been working at a digital agency the last couple of weeks, which not only has been a lot of fun but also introduced me to one or two great new tracks.  First on the list is Hearts on Fire by Australian band Cut Copy.  It’s from In Ghost Colours, their second album that reached No.1 in the Australian album charts earlier this year.  I’ve just downloaded it and I’m listening to it as we speak.  On first impressions, it’s not my usual cup of tea – but I like it.

Think Gary Newman meets Daft Punk and The Human League and you’ll be somewhere not too far away from Cut Copy’s 80s electronic dance beats.  Oddly enough, whilst writing this very sentence, I’ve just discovered Cut Copy actually toured with Daft Punk on their 2007 Nevereverland tour, but aren’t particularly keen to talk about it.  They’ve also been lucky enough to tour with Bloc Party, Mylo, Franz Ferdinand and Danish duo Junior Senior, responsible the funky little number Move Your Feet in 2003. 

Heart on fire features a rather miserable, unlucky in love chap (lead singer Dan Whitford) who spends his life, well, being pissed down on.  Metaphor anyone?  After spending most of his time being rained on, several years later he finally gets a bit of relief from his perpetual rain cloud.  Rewarding himself with a nice big piece of pink cake in a cafe, he’s approached by his ex for the first time in years.  Enter rain cloud.

I may be on the back of the band wagon with this one but with such a funky little track like Heart On Fire, I might just sit there for a while and enjoy it.