Out of Office – Break of Dawn 2008

Pre New Years eve carnage, I was at the gym doing interval training yesterday and heard the end of a track I just had to hunt down. 

Amazingly, I managed it find it going on the basis of very few lyrics – ‘suitcase at the door’ and ‘we’ve got a love’.  I knew of the famous track by First Choice, Let No Man Put Asunder that had the lyrics but also knew that released in 1980, it was unlikely to be the dance beat-filled version I was after.  In it’s on right, this is equally an amazing track too but the version I was after is by Out Of Office and called Break of Dawn 2008.  

I’ve just downloaded it and dropped it onto my playlist for tonight.   Forgiving the absolutely horrendous video, Break of Dawn 2008 is absolutely going to be the sound of my New Years Eve, bidding adieu to 2008 and welcoming in 2009.

Happy New Year.