Dead trendy. Fashion victims bid farewell to wet look leggings

Oil slick at Topshop?  Half price wet look leggings Peel them off as er, quickly as you can and say goodbye to wet look leggings.  After little more than four months, the explosive trend of PVC, shiny, glossy, or wet look leggings bites the dust.  Thank god for that.  Ok, so only the black ones.   But hey, it’s a start.

Truly the sign of a fashion victim, shiny leggings literally exploded onto the high street and pretty much everyone (regardless of shape or size) appeared to be wearing them 24/7.  

Being female, there was of course all of two seconds where I considered coating my legs in said oil slick.  However, as someone who trend predicts for US fashion houses I continue to become extremely fickle where fashion’s concerned.  Albeit not usually a welcome trait, I’m thankful being fashion fickle has saved me from committing the fashion faux pas of pouring myself into high shine lycra.  And the less said about me in high-shine lycra, the better.

Kate Moss in high-shine lycra – yes.  I’m sure a few of you will probably pause on that thought for longer than the trend itself lasts.  Sadly, not all of us are graced with a figure like Kate Moss, yet it would appear that shiny black leggings have become the new skinny jeans and anyone and everyone seems to have adopted them as a uniform.  

However, there would appear to be a bit of light at the end of the fashion tunnel.  Judging by sale rails at Topshop, littered with black PVC leggings, it seems we can all wave goodbye to a trend that really isn’t good for your conscience.  

But wait a minute, it may be RIP to PVC but high streets are filling the vast gaps in new season collections with the latest cling film incarnations – wet look skins.  We might be turning our back on black but apparently, we’re not quite ready to ditch the entire wet look trend just yet.  With everything from alligator to snake print metallics and 80s colours (set to make your legs look like quality street), it looks wet look will indeed be sticking, like glue, to the legs of many a fashion victim far into 2009.