Escape the cold with Deadmau5 & Jaded

Over the last couple of days I’ve been starting to think about my 2009 trip to Ibiza.  It’s not a holiday I want to get into doing every year (if nothing for other than the fact I simply couldn’t afford to) but this year, my flights are already booked to see in the big 30.

So, me being me, I was trawling Juno for some new dance tracks, none other than eight months in advance to my trip.   In a round about way this led me to Jaded by Deadmau5.  I discovered Deadmau5 in the summer – or should I say June, seeing as it was a case of ‘what summer?’ in 2008.  

Originally from the chilly climbs of Canada, this hasn’t detracted Deadmau5’s Joel Zimmerman turning Jaded into a lovely little sun drenched hit.  You can literally feel the sunshine.  And, in minus three degree London, I think it’s a warming, (incidentally, chill-out) track everyone will be thankful for.  Download it now, close your eyes (stand next to a heater) and you can pretty much feel the sunshine.  

If you’re not quite ready to come back to ice cold reality, try checking out Deadmau5’s collaborations.  From tracks with San Francisco’s Kaskade like Brazil (2nd edit) to the amazing Armed Contact with Pryda as mentioned in an earlier post, it seems Deadmau5 know their they’re onto something really rather special.