Daniel Merriweather says Change – listen up UK economy

Not only am I looking for work but I’ve just heard on the radio that I’m one in two million doing so.  

I’ve spent the last four hours or so scouring the internet looking for both freelance and permanent posts.  So far, with very little reward.  So naturally, on a fruitless task, I got distracted and decided to write a post about the latest track that I just can get enough of.  Incidentally, it’s entitled Change by Daniel Merriweather.  Change features rap artist Wale who’s also guested on an unreleased remix of Lily Allen’s Smile (thanks to everybody’s friend, Mr Mark Ronson).  With Change due to be released 2nd February, here’s hoping that the London job market takes a leaf out of Merriweather’s book and pays heed to this track.

What’s more, after a series of hits with Mr collaboration Ronson, including Stop Me, it’s about time we heard something from Merriweather himself.  Not to be confused with Nathaniel Merriweather and his rather interesting 2001 album Lovage, Daniel Merriweather’s debut album Love & War is anticipated for release this coming April.  If his projects with Ronson and debut single Change are anything to go by, it is indeed going to be very, very good…