Kevin Yost – Insight

The elusive Kevin Yost

My on-going job search has pretty much been accompanied by Last fm for the last week or so, leading me to discover deep house DJ, Kevin Yost and his track Insight.

It’s from his Hypnotic Progressions album and with over a hundred releases since 1996, I’m surprised I haven’t come across his really rather good breed of chill-out tracks before. Especially seeing as the majority of his tracks feature a heavy dose of saxophone, flute and xylophone that instantly get you hooked – I’ve clearly been missing out.

For a man with so many releases and a following to give Obama a run for his money (ok, so not quite), it’s not very easy to find out much information on Mr Yost.  However, known for his jazz/house fusion, he’s very well known on the US progressive house circuit and counts having his first release at the tender age of 13 as one of many achievements.

Irritatingly, Insight doesn’t appear to be one of those releases. There’s no record of it on YouTube, nor is it available to buy on vinyl. So for now, I’m afraid Natural High comes in at second best until you stop thinking about it, buy Hypnotic Progressions and see what you too have been missing out on.