Reiss to launch sub brand for 25 plus

Reiss SS09

As a huge fan of Reiss (and not so much of their over inflated prices), It can only come as a good thing that they are to launch a younger, sub brand aimed at fashion conscious men and women in their mid twenties.

Yet to be named and with Reiss designers, including former Stella McCartney Creative Director Andy Rogers behind it, the brand promises to be a very stylish collection at lower prices.  It’s their second sub brand after the launch of the Black Label in the autumn which sells dresses starting at £125-£225.  Looks like Reiss are proactively trying to capture the wallets of a diverse range of shoppers, something other brands might want to take note of in a difficult recession.

Designs for (let’s call it ‘Project X’) will include more design led, edgier tops, dresses and tailoring and will see the introduction of a range of denim to be available at all Reiss stores.  As with the brand’s name, most prices are yet to be confirmed, but a pair of Reiss ‘Project X’ jeans are to set you back £69 as opposed to £79 for their main line.  Not stopping with the launch of a new brand, the website is also to see  a complete overhaul for Spring/Summer.

There’s no plans (or at least none publicised) that the new brand will have stand alone stores as yet.  In a tough market, it’s no surprise Reiss are playing safe not opening a new string of stores to house their fledgeling brand.  However, that’s not to say it’s not planned.  There’s also talk of ‘Project X’ collaborating with other designers at a later date.  Whatever they end up calling it, ‘Project X’ will be available at selected Reiss stores from August and by the sounds of things this is one, is one to watch.