The BIG Blazer Boom

The Stella McCartney £1,025 blush blazer.  Incidentally, sold out.If there’s one thing you simply must buy this season – it’s a longline 80s blazer with roll back sleeves.  Wear it with dresses, leggings, trousers and fade wash jeans and buy one size up.  Just don’t dare even think of leaving home without it.

Oversized blazers have been seen on every runway from Stella McCartney’s beautiful blush colour (left) to Jil Sander and Chloé classics.  The blazer is officially back with a boom.  

This season’s hot tip is to buy it in the new nude – oyster or any other flesh tone you can get your hands on, to bag two spring hot trends in one.   

Enter problem – I’m on blazer no.3…so far.  I just can’t get enough. I’m hooked like a kid on candy.  It’s not helping that I’ve discovered they’re the perfect partner to my 101 vintage dresses (some of which are on sale here in a desperate bid to re-coup cash after a non-stop blazer trail).

However, whilst I’m pining over Stella’s £1,025 double breasted nude delight, i might just have to make do with a very good second best i’ve found in Zara, which would also leave me with a pocket full of (imaginary) change, some of which likely to be set aside to continue filling my wardrobe with tailoring…Maje's blazer.  A snip on Stella's at £240.

Borrow your boyfriend’s, pick up a vintage one or head down to Zara to snap up the basic black £35 version I’m seeing double, triple, quadruple of in the office – it’s just too good a staple to pass by.  Heed this warning though; buy one and it won’t be long before you’ve developed ‘blazer frenzy’ and suddenly own one in just about every colour.  Who knew the humble piece of tailoring could be so addictive?

Top tip: for a bit of longevity that’ll kick the fickle 80s trend straight onto sale racks, buy one with rolled up sleeves that you can roll back down.  It’s the easiest way to stay a step ahead and work your look straight into next season.