Sunday soundtrack #3: Perfect Blue Buildings, Counting Crows

August And Everything AfterNormally, this kind of genre of music (soft rock?) would go straight in one ear and out the other, but Perfect Blue Buildings by Counting Crows couldn’t be a more beautiful track.

It reminds me of the transitional period when i moved from Edinburgh to London, a whopping seven years ago.  A time when although I guess things were to change immensely; was really carefree.  I’d spent the six months prior to moving travelling up and down to London and to a degree, The Counting Crows and the album August And Everything After became the soundtrack to my travels.  

Anyway, the sun is shining on a glorious bank holiday weekend and with tomorrow off, i’m going back to bed accompanied with this little track that’s the perfect addition to my Sunday soundtrack.



The Sunday Soundtrack so far:

1. Georg Levin – Leisure Suit

2. Pryda – Armed

3. Counting Crows – Perfect Blue Buildings