Music makes the world go round…(and the week a lot quicker).

To quote my much loved and sadly missed grandmother “Music is the international language”.  And, after a week filled with the discovery of some really quite amazing new songs (and a few fabulous classic ones), i decided to start a new feature reviewing my weeks top tunes.  This is in addition to the features ‘Trackback’ – tracks that quite literally take you back – and ‘Sunday Soundtrack’ (exactly as it says on the tin) that I already write.  

So here’s edition number one, packed with last weeks truly amazing, top five loved tracks that helped make the week just that little bit more fun.

This weeks top 5 tunes:

1. Al Wilson – The Snake  (truly AMAZING, i really can’t get enough!)

2. Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (a track that needs no introduction)

3. Horse Feathers – Curs In The Weeds

4. Patti Drew – Fever

5. Gene Harris – As