It’s official: my dad is the coolest


Check him out – this is one cool dude. He’s suave, he’s uber fashionable (or at least he was in the 70s) and best of all, he’s my Dad.

Last week, i asked him what was the most rock and roll thing he had ever done, to which he replied; “some things parents don’t tell their children.”

Despite the reluctance to share, I’m pretty confident that my Pa has had his fair share late nights, too much booze and plenty of everything else that goes with it. He lived the 70s. That in itself, is rock and roll enough for me.

My lovely daddy turns 60 this year. It’s a big year for both of us with only two weeks separating us from being exactly thirty years apart. So, with only a couple of months until we celebrate our birthdays and it being the one other day in the year that’s all about dads, i thought i’d let him take a bit of the spotlight.

Happy Father’s Day Pa x