The Fashion Office Recommends…Cr*p Songs You Know You Love

Due to popular demand, this Friday I’ve devoted The Fashion Office Recommends to what’s affectionately known as ‘Cheese’.  There’s some aromatic choices…

As much as i may have no shame where it comes to music, this challenge was particularly difficult.  After battling with Carly Simon’s, You’re So Vain (too cool), i toyed with Madonna and I’m going Bananas or Hanky Panky (close call) but eventually settled for East 17’s House Of Love.   Neither may be the most pungent nor embarrassing tracks, but it’s a fairly impressive compromise.  Whilst finding the video, Sartoriology was kind enough to send the video to another E17 track – It’s Alright.  It’d be a true shame not to share with you Brian Harvey’s trés fashionable hat and the boy’s exceptional choreography in action.

For those not partial to particularly fragrant fromage, maybe skip this edition and check out what the girls recommended last week

SoStylistic suggests: Soulja Boy- Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Sartoriology: Five – Everybody Get Up

My New Favourite Thing: Miley Cyrus – The Climb

A Work In Progress (who needs to update her blog again): Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone

Danielle: Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

A new recruit, Ellie recommends: Justin Timberlake.  A bit too cool for ‘cheese’ really but nevertheless…

Soldiersailor: East 17 – House of Love