Radio One Exclusive: Faithless’ New Track – Sun To Me

Before heading out and hitting the dance floor on Friday night, i tuned into Radio One by chance for what turned out to be an amazing set by Vernon Kay.  Standing in for Pete Tong, amongst some old classic house tunes, Kay delivered the exclusive first play of Faithless’ new track – Sun To Me.  It’s been a while since they’ve released anything but it quickly became clear, it had definitely been well worth the wait.

Stomping beats kick off from the very beginning and with a dose of classic organ filtering in before Maxi Jazz’s haunting vocals, Sun To Me has every signature Faithless sound it needs to be an instant hit the world wide.  Check out what happens two minutes and fifty seconds in, the first of many constant crescendos are sheer genius.  There’s a little bit of what sounds like a sample of The Egg and Walking Away tucked in for good measure too.  Play it now, turn it up loud and i think you’ll agree, it really has been worth every minute of the wait.