Radio One Live Lounge: Dizzee Rascal – Money Talks

Most of those that know me will be aware of how much I love Radio One’s Live Lounge. Whilst it saddens me that the lovely Jo Whiley will now only look after the show on Saturdays, (and leave week days to Fearne Cotton), she has at least exited with the almighty bang that is Dizzee Rascal’s cover of Dirty Cash.

Originally a hit in 1990 for The Adventures Of Stevie V, the track begins with some amazing acoustic guitar, alerting you immediately that this, is Live Lounge gold. It’s no secret (but probably should be) that I’m a bit of a Dizzee fan, and with a catalogue of hits including the still catchy Dance Wiv Me (featuring Calvin Harris), plus plenty more star studded collaborations, it seems impossible for him to put a foot wrong. 

Mr Rascal’s version of Dirty Cash continues this track record by playing host to a bounty of funky Spanish guitar riffs, complimentary accapella vocals and super speedy rapping. Add the unmistakable sample of the original Dirty Cash track, and you’ve instantly resurrected the explosive hit of the 90s and injected it with modern edge. 

Dizee Rascal’s Dirty Cash is out now on his album Tongue N’ Cheek, but if you’re a fan of the Radio One show, then you might want to hold out, like me, for the next Live Lounge release. Here’s hoping that as Ms Cotton takes the baton for the weekday slot, she can persistently deliver (or rather, present) the outstanding performances that Whiley will no doubt continue to add to her repertoire, each and every Saturday.

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