Say Hello To Dadahack’s Debut

dadahack_helloBetween working with the We Fear Silence boys and a few other projects, I’ve been inundated with a plethora of reviewing and the virtual postbag (or six, or seven) has been filled with all sorts of new music. With so much to plough through and listen to, it’s refreshing when something pretty awesome like Dadahack’s Hellos EP jumps up and grabs you by the overtired ears.

The London/Stockholm-based duo are James Banbury from 90s band The Auteurs, and Pete Davis. On November 30th, they release the full Hellos EP on their own imprint serviceAV and if you’re wondering why it might sound familiar, check out the snippet of the title track as featured in the Soundville ad by Sony, brought to you by the makers of a particularly memorable gorilla ad.

There’s plenty to keep you entertained on this release too – from the outstanding original cut to the Freelance Hellraiser and Tranquility Bass mix, the remixes are cleverly constructed to equally be stand out tracks. In addition, you’ll find a spin off of Hello, titled Hello Dust, and a revamp of this cool little bonus track by prolific producer Håkan Lidbo which features singer/songwriter Hannah Robinson. With the right amount of 80s influence, purrs and shrills of warming notes, plus little “Hi!”‘s that remind me of Blur’s infamous milk carton for some reason, the title track and each and every mix is brilliantly uplifting. Definitely don’t miss the Lidbo mix, with a fatter bassline, it’s your sure-fire way to kick-start any party.

Thanks to the addictive synths and extensive offering of quality remixes on the release, the Dadahack duo have been successful in ensuring my iPod has been playing little else but Hello. Play it loud, fix it on repeat; it really does just keep getting better.

Hellos EP Tracklist


Hello Freelance Hellraiser mix

Hello Tranquility Bass mix

Hello Dust

Hello Dust (todust) Håkan Lidbo remix feat Hannah Robinson