Paul Kalkbrenner- Atzepeng

Time to come clean, I have an unhealthy addiction. Ok, so there are worse things to be hooked on but I can’t quite get enough of Paul Kalkbrenner.

From his amazing mix from this summer’s Chateau Click Clack festival in Germany and his performance in Berlin Calling (finally winging it’s way to me as we speak) to his chart smashing single Sky And Sand, there’s a lot of good ground for my obsession.

But what really has me transfixed is his never-tiresome track Atzepeng. It hasn’t ever been released, but each and every time I hear it, it triggers something inside that words can’t seem to match. Listen for yourself…there’s no messing around, it bursts straight in with a thumping beat and leads into killer notes that induce some sort of hypnotic euphoria.

Without a doubt, this is my ultimate sound to 2009.