Chuckie & That Bass

Chuckie, Let The Bass Kick In

Quite frankly, if you haven’t heard it, where have you been? DJ Chuckie (aka Clyde Narain) and duo LMFAO seem intent on taking the world by storm with their super catchy Let The Bass Kick In.

Originally released in Italy in 2008, ‘Part 2’ officially hit the UK shelves last Monday. Chris Moyles and the Radio One team clearly love it and as it locks and loads its target on no.1 in the charts today, its infectious whoops and grooves make it primely placed to rock right in at pole position.

Like it, loathe it or love it, from Ibiza to Italy, London to indeed Miami, there’s no escaping it so best pick up your glow sticks, don a boiler suit and get ready to rave.

Chuckie & LMFAO, Let The Bass Kick In is out now on CR2 Records.