A Very Important Woman Named Sylvia

People may come and people may go but there’s one very special woman in my life and thanks to the amazing Miike Snow, she’s been immortalised in an incredible song that (along with my new favourite crush) I just can’t get enough of.

The lady is question is named Sylvia. She has spend her entire life relentlessly, tirelessly and lovingly caring for others and i’m in absolutely no doubt she will continue to do so. She is of course, my one-and-only mother. 

Looking past the minor spelling difference (Miike Snow opted for Shakespeare’s Silvia as opposed to the more modern Sylvia) I’ve had this song consistently on repeat for the last week. So on that note, it seemed only fair to give the song, its fantastic video and my lovely mum – who’s birthday it is next week – more than just five minutes of fame.

Happy birthday Sylvia.