CR2 Records Release MYNC, Harry Choo Choo Romero & Jose Nunez Compilation

So along with a totally unrelated, really rather random postcard, I recieved CR2 Record’s latest compilation in the post bag.

The fourteenth release in their ‘Live & Direct’ series, label owners Mark Brown and Nick Corelli, aka MYNC, take up mixing duties on disc one of this release (out now) and they’ve summond the talents of New Jersey DJs Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero and Jose Nunez to present disc two of this hat-trick release. Disc three? A jam packed selection of full length unmixed tracks. DJs, head straight to this one to keep you entertained.

Kicking off with the first of three, MYNC launch a distinct early 90s vibe on disc one that’s jumping from the beginning. Things take a touch of a techy push a couple of tracks in with DJ Rose’s ‘Twisted’ (mixed by DJ/Producer Nicky Romero) and its vocals are smoothly blended straight into Boy 8-Bit’s remix of ‘Spells Of Deception’ by Invasion which actually, remove the grating over-repetitive vocals and there’s a cool little striped back tune underneath. About three minutes in is where this track hits its highlight so make sure you check it out at that spot then skip the rest and head straight into Olivier Giacomotto’s hypnotically-cool ‘Guacomoli’ that features beats hip enough to sound as if they’re straight out of Space Ibiza.

CR2 Records

For me, the winning track’s got to be Pitto’s Feelin’, one I loved earlier this year and a good pick from MYNC as you can’t ever go wrong with a healthy serving of disco in my books.  And Sun to Me? Possibly one of Faithless finest and MYNC have done it proud with a remix that adds polish to an already phenomenal song. Good call boys.

Over on disc two, you’ll find the retrospective feel continues as Romero and Nunzez take you on a laidback house trip. Add a little Detroit cool and a touch of funk into the mix and low an behold you’ve made a disc studded with classic tunes like Richard Grey’s 1997 hit ‘Something’s Going On’ – made modern and ready to smash the 2010 dance floor thanks to Nunez in the mix.  With a few other impressively revamped surprises up Romero and Nunez’s sleeves that classic house fans will love, MYNC have made a smart move recruiting Romero and Nunez’s talents for this release, right as the decade that brought us timeless tunes like Adventures of Stevie V’s Dirty Cash (Money Talks) returns to dominate both music and fashion.

Overall, as the less vocal focused of the two, it’s Romero and Nunez’s contribution that gives this compilation the edge. Try it yourself you might just like it and as CR2 Records quite rightly put it themselves, this is indeed “a special treat for fans of pure, unadulterated house music.”