The Fashion Office Recommends…Holiday Songs

Seems this week The Fashion Office team are down on numbers so with only three of us lovely ladies selecting our tracks, we’ve chosen Holiday Songs. Might as well dream of escaping if everyone else has huh?  It’s officially Summer too (and raining, of course) so here’s what we’ve picked to get us into the swing of the season…

Suzie selects: Weezer – Island in the Sun.

A Work in Progress suggests (one that seems to be favourite of hers): DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Summertime.

Soldiersailor selects: Madonna – La Isla Bonita, and the performance from her Drowned World tour that made me get serious about learning guitar.

Last week it was Sartoriology’s turn to leave us. Here are the tracks we chose to send her off in style.