Spend ‘A Night With…’ Tobi Neumann

Tobi Neumann portrait

Over the next couple of weeks, London livens up with some of the biggest nights of the year – Sven Väth and his Cocoon crew are in town for a double whammy weekender (Liverpool on Friday 26th, and Fabric London on 27th), Double Trouble Productions bravely host Rhythmatic’s third anniversary on the same Saturday as Väth, and before all that, it’s Cocoonster Tobi Neumann that kick-starts the party this coming Saturday with the next installment of the project ‘A Night With…’.

In a series of intimate events, A Night With has already hosted man-of-the-moment Joris Voorn and Kompakt’s Michael Mayer to name a few, and now Neumann picks up, with an eight-hour solo set, where minimal man Ivan Smagghe left off in October.

Back in 2009 Neumann and his music were brought to the forefront of my attention with his and Matthew Styles remix of Transform’s Transformation – its trance inducing vocals and mysterious beats meant I was quick to fall head over heels with it (plus, it happens to be a constant reminder of one of the holidays of my life). So with that said, it’s hardly a surprise that this is the one A Night With that I’ve been waiting for with baited breath.

As the man and his tunes finally hit the London party circuit this weekend, what exactly can we expect? The powers that be assure me his set will be inspired by one of his most recent gigs – Hannover’s Bismarck Station – which featured plenty of the tunes you’d expect from an artist on Cocoon’s books (full-on slamming techno beats? Check). At Bismark Station, Neumann spun plenty of vocal-laced tracks too, so it’s highly likely you’ll find him once again spearheading the return of the songstress to tech house. In short, it’s going to be good – really good. Frankly, after waiting for Mr Neumann himself since the debut A Night With, I’ll be happy just to get up close and personal with yet another big name DJ – exactly what this forward-thinking project is all about.

Tobi Neumann