The Papered Parlour presents: It’s Your Write!

I went to the writing event last night which turned out to be a silly amount of fun. It actually wasn’t a writing event at all; more a creative gathering of minds, so-to-speak. It was called ‘It’s Your Write!’ and run by The Papered Parlour. Alongside live screen-printing (supply your own slogan, they’ll do the printing) lots of hand-crafted goodies were for sale including some amazing cushions embroidered by skill-learning in-mates. I have my eye on one inscribed with ‘I started off with nothin’ and I still got most of it left’, though at £65, it will have to wait for now.

The highlight of the night came in the form of the ‘Help! You’re creating a monster!’ workshop that I knew I wanted to attend before arriving. With no idea what to expect, I grabbed my friend and roped her into it too who proclaimed “I’m not joining in, I’m just going to listen!” We both ended up creating a ‘Monster’ in conjunction with about 15 other people using similes and metaphors. Our own creature was illustrated on the spot, exactly to our descriptions. Once our monster had all his legs, arms and a wiggly tail, we had to ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ to describe his / her personality and take a vote on his name. The winning name? ‘Grunk’. See pictures…

The workshop was run by a collective named Ministry Of Stories, a team made up of volunteers who help 8-18 year olds in London better their writing skills through creative writing and collaborative thinking. Based on my experience, I’ve already signed up to volunteer (hopefully once monthly on Saturdays). Such an inspiring mission I can’t help but think I wish I’d thought of myself – such an amazing way to kick-start creativity!