Davide Squillace mixes Cavo Paradiso 11, Reconstructions

Summer must be almost in full bloom as the next instalment of Cavo Paradiso’s compilations has landed on my desk. Each year, the Mykonos-based club have a knack for releasing their disc ahead of the silly season, a wise move, though not as wise as choosing a hot property star to mix it. This year it’s Circo Loco resident Davide Squillace that’s in the mix on Cavo Paradiso 11, ‘Reconstructions’.

So what’s Squillace got up his sleeve then? It all kicks off with Bruno Pronsato’s ‘Anybody But You’ and its chiming notes and gradual built. It’s a slow start, but one that’s worth the wait. A chugging, steady beat continues through the next three tunes (Steven Cock’s ‘Sweet Beat Drop’ – with indeed, a pretty nice boom to it – Miguel Toro and Argenis Brito’s ‘Sweet Spot’, and Pawel’s ‘Panamerican’ remixed by Onsulade). Interrupting the build, it’s Seuil & Dop’s ‘Prostitute’ and Dead Seal’s ‘Kookoo Mind’ that take the mix off the boil for me. While Squillace’s selection of Kookoo Mind gives great example of why he was quickly recruited as a Circo Loco resident, I’ve never been a huge fan of vocals and these two tracks just miss the mark for me. However, the silver lining is that Squillace’s mixing continues to be a tight as it comes.

In contradiction to my dislike of vocals, Catz ‘N’ Dogs’ ‘Relaxation Is A Skill’ (featured towards the end of the mix) is the exception. It’s catchy, it’s cool, it’s the perfect vocal-laced track to slot in. “Inhale, two, three, four, hold, two, three – exhale.” The lyrics are near addictive. It’s between this track the final selection of Isolée’s Taktell that seals Reconstructions as on the money. Isolée (aka Rajko Müller) is a master of micro house and Taktell is warm, industrial, off-tune and just the right amount of unnerving and uplifting all at the same time. The result? The perfect ending to yet another great output from Cavo Paradiso. Roll on summer!

Anybody But You – Bruno Ponsato

Sweet Beat Drop – Steve Cock

Sweet Spot – Miguel Toro & Argenis Brito

Panamerican – Pawell (Yoruba Soul remix by Onsulade)

Joelle – Philip Bader

Prostitute – Seuil & Dop (Visionquest remix)

Kookoo Mind – Dead Seal (Dead Seal Stripped Down mix)

Caporale – Santos

Relaxation is a Skill – Catz ‘N’ Dogs

Who Made Up The Rules – Agaric

Get It – Cab Drivers

Around The Bay – Squillace & Bacchetti (Buttrich remix)

Wanna Be – Guti

Taktell – Isolée