Ibiza closing: two days, three clubs

I’m just back from Ibiza (and thankfully, not in bits). I was out primarily for Cocoon closing at Amnesia, and as usual, was far from dissapointed – it was ace. But what about the rest? Here’s the trip’s highlights, low-lights, and all the bits in-between…

We Love closing at Space IbizaWe Love closing at Space, Sunday 24th September

We got there about 1am and the party was in full swing. James Zabiela, easy to spot due to his swinging blonde locks, was in the midst of throughly ripping the dancefloor apart, and both the crowd and James loved every single minute of destruction. It was truly mind-blowing to watch.

In the Salon, and a couple of the other rooms, it was a mash-up of Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton and techno beats. The crowd was hugely multi-cultural, and strikingly friendly, too. Not expecting so much after a disappointing trip to Space two years ago, I was taken aback by just how great this finale was.

DC-10, Monday 25th September

Randomly, this was my first venture to DC-10. Matthais Tanzmann was headlining amongst DJs, and having seen him play many times, I was keen to hear what he’d be

DC 10, Ibiza

bringing to one of Ibiza’s most notorious clubs. Notorious for the wrong reasons perhaps – while the music throughout the evening was really on-point, the cream of the crop, the club became hideously overcrowded to the point that regular bouts of aggression were spotted between clubbers and in turn, ruined what could have been an incredible vibe. Note to promoters: heed your capacity limits next year, and avoid many disgruntled and departing clubbers.

Cocoon Heroes, Monday 25th September

As I mentioned before, Amnesia is never one to let you down. They do have the title of Best Global Club to hold down after all. I’m pleased to report that Cocoon closing absolutely smashed it. The crowd were happy, friendly, and more often than not, loyal followers of the imprint’s music. Tobi Neumann threw out a surprisingly different set to the one he played in London some time back – this one was harder, faster paced, and all the better for it. Head honcho Sven, of course, played the inevitably rocking set while his infamous dancers, clad in this autumn’s fetish trend, grinded suggestively against the balcony’s slippery bars.

Cocoon closing at Amnesia, Ibiza

Until next year…

In 2012, we’ll be covering the openings. For now, we bid a very fond, farewell to Ibiza.